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2015 Helpful Hints

Last Update - 5Jan2015


Bad Spots

Invalid Callsigns

Valid Callsigns

Callsign Notes

Zone 2 Callsigns

Shetland Is (GM/S) Callsigns

CQ Zones for Antarctic Callsigns

Map of Turkish Callsigns

USA/VE Zone Definitions

CQ Statement on Crimea


  • Each year there are pirates, operations that are not approved, callsigns that are copied incorrectly and unusual operations that are valid.   We attempt to document as many of these operations as possible - see the lists of valid callsigns, invalid callsigns,  and callsign notes.  We encourage you to share your findings on pirates, illegal operations or confusing callsigns with us.  Please send your callsign updates to the DX Marathon administrator at:  john@dxmarathon.com

  • Many points are lost each year due to bad spots on the packetcluster network.  We have assembled an extensive list of bad spots - please check the list before entering any of these callsigns!

  • Please check USA/VE zones carefully - use www.qrz.com to check zones before submitting.   The number in the callsign does not necessarily match the location.  Did you know that West Virginia (W8) is in Zone 5?  and that Alabama (W4) is in Zone 4?  See US/VE zone detail below.

  • Check Zone 2 submissions carefully - see Zone 2 information below.

  • When a prefix can count for more than country (e.g. E51) double check your entry.

  • Although you can use the same QSO for a country and a Zone, if there is an error, two points will be lost!  We suggest using a different QSO for country and zone.

  • Review your submission carefully and make sure your logging program country database is up to date.

  • Valid Callsigns

    3G0ZC Juan Fernandez CE0Z
    3XY5M Valid for 2015 Marathon(see pirate notice)
    4U0WFP Counts as Italy
    4U1WB Counts as USA
    4U20B Counts as Italy
    4U5F Counts as Italy
    4U70VIC Counts same as 4U1VIC
    5A1AL Valid for 2015 Marathon
    9F2SH Only QSO's 1Jan-7Apr 2015 are valid
    9Q5/HJ1NGE Valid for 2015 Marathon
    9Q6AL Valid for 2015 Marathon
    AO150U Counts as EA8 - Canary Islands
    CE9OJZ South Shetland   VP8 S Shetland
    E50V South Cook
    E51MKW North Cook
    E51MQT North Cook
    EP2C Valid for 2015 Marathon
    EP2LMA Valid for 2015 Marathon
    EP3HF Valid for 2015 Marathon
    EP3MIR Valid for 2015 Marathon
    EP3SMH Valid for 2015 Marathon
    EP3SSH Valid for 2015 Marathon
    EP4RF Valid for 2015 Marathon
    FK8DD/M Valid for 2015 Marathon
    FK8IK Valid for 2015 Marathon
    GX8WQ Counts as G England
    JG8NQJ/JD1 Minami Torishima
    JW9JKA Bear Island  JW - IOTA EU027
    KH2N USA - Zone 5
    KL7YY USA - Zone 4
    N0J Same as KH0
    P5/3Z9DX Valid for 2015 Marathon
    PY0NY Same as PY0F
    R90IARU Region R0L - 4 April
    R90IARU Region R6A & R6Y - 16-19 April
    RI1ANZ Antarctica
    RI59ANT South Shetland   VP8 S Shetland
    T6/IV3FHA Valid for 2015 Marathon
    T6T Valid for 2015 Marathon
    TC100A EU Turkey
    TC100B Asia Turkey
    TC100E Asia Turkey
    TC100GLB EU Turkey
    TC100GP EU Turkey
    TC100GS EU Turkey
    TC100K Asia Turkey
    TC100KT EU Turkey
    TC100TC Asia Turkey
    TC100VKZL EU Turkey
    TC150ITU CW is TA1, SSB is TA2/TA7
    TC18M Asia Turkey
    TC1919ATA Asia Turkey
    TO1A FY
    TO1E FS
    TO2A FY
    TO2EE FJ
    TO2M FM
    TO2T FG
    TO4C FM
    TO4GU FM
    TO4K FJ
    TO5A FM
    TO5BR FY
    TO5Y FM
    TO6D FG
    TO6RR FG
    TO8M FM
    TO90R FR Reunion
    TT8CY Valid for 2015 Marathon
    TX3X Chesterfield Islands - planned for Oct 1-12
    TX5P Clipperton Island
    TX5W Austral Islands  FO/A
    TX6A FO - Tahiti
    TX8D FK
    VK9NW Counts as Australia OC142
    VP8DOZ South Georgia
    VQ9ET Valid for 2015 Marathon
    VY0M Zone 1
    W4M Located in Puerto Rico
    XR0YJ Easter Island  CE0Y
    YI1AKS Valid for 2015 Marathon
    YI1DZ See notes section for details
    YI1UNH Valid for 2015 Marathon

    Callsign Notes

    3B7FA Active only on 15/20 and only on PSK/SSTV  
    3C7GIA No activity in Apr/May    
    3XY5M 28March, 20M - Pirate
    4U1ITU Was UT7E on March 8th
    8Q7SA A pirate has been active using this callsign.   Check ClubLog before submitting a QSO.
    9F2SH Not valid after 7 April 2015    
    C91B Check dates carefully - spots earlier in the year were fake
    DX0P Activity on 1 April was from a pirate
    DX0P Located in Zone 26    
    EG90IARU All EG90IARU operations count as Spain - EG90IARU, EG90IARU/1, /3, /4, /5, /7
    EH90IARU All EH90IARU QSOs MUST include portable designator: EH90IARU/6=EA6, /8= EA8, /9=EA9
    EP6T Many stations actually worked C5X on 24892 on 19Jan at 14-1500Z, but spots were for EP6T
    EP6T Station on 21033 on 23Jan 14-15Z was TA4/OG55W
    ET3AA 10m SSB activity on 28488 on 28 March was actually 7QAA
    ET3AA Was R2015SM on 17SSB on 10 July 1600Z
    ET3AA 28March, 20M - out of band (14350)
    ET3KT Was actually XE1NVA on 27 December on 20m SSB  
    K1N Many spots were pirates - check the online log before submitting
    OJ0DX Check dates carefully - spots earlier in the year were fake
    P5 Many spots for P5 on 1 April - none are real
    PY0S Under investigation, but approval is likely.
    PZ5X PZ5X spots on 29March, 20M were actually AK5X
    SV2ASP/A 40M SSB spots on 27 January were fake as were 20 September spots
    SV2ASP/A June 8th spots were really ZD7FT    
    SX90IARU Dec 2015 - All QSO's Greece except 12m which was Crete
    TI90IARU Costa Rica, not TI9    
    TN/CT1FJZ Under investigation
    VI90IARU Was actually HC90IARU on 27 December, 2200-2359 on 17M CW
    VK9NT Activity prior to 24 April is from a pirate
    VK9WA 15CW, 21.040, 1-1600Z, 21 Nov was really S79C  
    VK9WA SSB operation on 12M around 1800Z on 17Nov was VP2ELY
    VU4SEA India NOT Andaman or Nicobar    
    YI1DZ Was only active on 11Jun & 3 days in July on 20m SSB - all other operations are from a pirate.
    ZD8RA Pirate on 28 April 2015    


    Zone 2 Information and Callsigns

    Zone 2 Official Definition: Northeastern Zone of North America: VO2 (Labrador), the portion of VE2 Quebec north of the 50th parallel, and Nunavut Territories east of 102 degrees (Includes the islands of King Christian, King William. Prince of Wales, Somerset, Bathurst, Devon, Ellesmere, Baffin and the Melville and Boothia Peninsulas, excluding Akimiski Island, Bear Islands and East Pen Island in Hudson Bay).

    Nunavut Territory is Canada is the most difficult to determine as it lies within 3 WAZ Zones.  Click here for a detailed Nunavut map.


    Zone 2 callsigns
    Zone 5 callsigns
    VE2TZT VE2XAA Any VO1 VY2ZM XM2I    
    Zone 4 Callsigns
    Zone 1 Callsigns
    CK8G VE8EV VY0M        

    Known Shetland Islands Callsigns

    The following stations are active from the Shetland Islands (GM/S):

    GB2AES 8 Apr 2015
    GB2QM 9-10 May 2015
    GB2SUM 4-5 Apr 2015
    GM4S  25-26 Jul 2015
    GM4WSB/P 19-29 May 2015
    GS0AAA 22-25 July 2015
    MM0SHF/P 30May-5Jun 2015
    MS0OXE 9-15 Sept 2015

    Known CQ Zones for Antarctic Callsigns


    4K1A 39
    4K1B 29
    4K1C 29
    4K1D 36
    4K1E 29
    4K1F 13
    4K1G 30
    4K1H 32
    4K1J 13
    8J1RL 39
    8T2BH 39
    D8A 30
    DP0GVN 38
    DP1POL 38
    HF0POL 13
    HL5BDS 13
    IA0MZ 30
    KC4AAA 12,13,29,30,32,38,39
    KC4AAC 13
    KC4AAD 13
    KC4AAE 29
    KC4USB 32
    KC4USN 12,13,29,30,32,38,39
    KC4USV 30
    LU4ZS 13
    OR4TN 38
    R1ANC 29
    R1ANR 38
    R1ANT 29
    RI1ANC 29
    RI1ANP 39
    RI1ANR 38
    RI1ANT 29
    RI1ANZ 39
    VK0GM 29
    VK0JJJ 39
    VP8ME 38
    VP8ROT 13
    ZL5AA 30

    Map of Turkish Callsign Prefixes



    USA/VE Zone Listing

    Zone 1. Northwestern Zone of North America: KL (Alaska), VY1/VE8 Yukon, the Northwest and Nunavut Territories west of 102 degrees (Includes the islands of Victoria, Banks, Melville, and Prince Patrick).

    Zone 2. Northeastern Zone of North America: VO2 Labrador, the portion of VE2 Quebec north of the 50th parallel, the VE8 Northwest and Nunavut Territories east of 102 degrees (Includes the islands of King Christian, King William, Prince of Wales, Somerset, Bathurst, Devon, Ellesmere, Baffin and the Melville and Boothia Peninsulas, excluding Akimiski Island).

    Zone 3. Western Zone of North America: VE7, W6, and the W7 states of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

    Zone 4. Central Zone of North America: VE3, VE4, VE5, VE6, VE8 Akimiski Island, and W7 states of Montana and Wyoming. W0, W9, W8 (except West Virginia), W5, and the W4 states of Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

    Zone 5. Eastern Zone of North America: 4U1UN, CY9, CY0, FP, VE1, VE9, VY2, VO1 and the portion of VE2 Quebec south of the 50th parallel. VP9, W1, W2, W3 and the W4 states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and the W8 state of West Virginia.

    CQ Special Statement on Crimea