CQ Magazine's Annual DX Marathon

2014 Score sheet and Submission Information

All submissions for the 2014 CQ DX Marathon must be submitted using the official DX Marathon score sheet.  The score sheet is available in both Excel and Open Office formats.  Download links for both are below.  The score sheet can be used throughout the year to record your progress or can be used at the end of the year by extracting your 2014 information from your logging program.  Your completed form must be submitted no later than 2359Z January 10, 2015.   If you are unable to download the form, send an email to k9el@dxmarathon.com and the form will be sent by reply email as an attachment - please specify OpenOffice or Excel format.  All submissions should be sent as an attachment to scores@dxmarathon.com.   If you have any problems completing the form, please send your questions to the DX Marathon administrator: k9el@dxmarathon.com

You can download the latest 2014 Excel Score Sheet here

If you do not have Excel you can download the free open-sourced Excel equivalent at http://www.openoffice.org/  

You can download the latest 2014 Open Office Score Sheet here


Please check your submission carefully and make sure your log is compliant as follows:


1. Must use the official scoresheet version 2014.1 or later

2. Must include all required information at the top of the form

3. Must not contain any formatting errors

4. Send your form as an attachment to scores@dxmarathon.com


Only logs meeting the above requirements can be processed and considered for the 2014 Marathon.


If your submission is missing any required information, contains formatting errors or has been submitted using the wrong form, you will be notified and given an opportunity to correct the errors.   Error notifications will made as soon as possible but due to the number of logs submitted may be several days after your log is received.

Do you use computer logging?   If so, several tools are available to automatically complete the DX Marathon score sheet at the end of the year.

ADIF to DX Marathon

Jim, AD1C, has written a program that will take the ADIF log info from your logging program and create the DX Marathon Score Sheet directly.    Please find details here. 


DXKeeper tracks your progress towards the current-year Marathon award, and can directly generate a Score Sheet you can submit at year end.  DXKeeper is the logging and award tracking component of the freeware DXLab Suite, which automatically identifies active DX stations needed for the current-year Marathon award; it's available via www.dxlabsuite.com.


Gary, ZL2IFB, reports that Logger32 now supports the CQ DX Marathon as of version 3.37.0.  http://www.logger32.net


2014 Change Log for the DX Marathon Scoresheet:

24 April - 60M Band now allowed for the DX Marathon.  Version 2014.2 was released to accept 60M QSO's.  Version 2014.1 is still valid for the 2014 Marathon.

6 July - Slashed Zero font for QSO data now included as of Version 2014.3